Thank You

Thank you to all of you joined us for the Hope Starts Here kickoff event last week. We were honored to have Mayor Mike Duggan join us, along with members of our Stewardship Board and representatives of than 100 community organizations currently engaged in early childhood work across Detroit.

Over the next few months, organizers will draw on the voices and ideas of this passionate array of parents, business leaders, child education and health experts and many others to ensure children are born healthy, prepared for kindergarten and on track for success by third grade and beyond.

Our work together will help the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and The Kresge Foundation prioritize, and in some cases reimagine, future investments in the well-being of Detroit’s youngest children.

Of course, #HopeBuilds only if citizens like you join the effort too. Your stories and ideas are as vital as the changes this process is designed to create.