About Hope Starts Here

One of the best measures of a city’s well-being is how it helps children realize the nearly unlimited potential with which they are born.

Close to 300 organizations exist to support them.

That means there’s positive momentum to build on.

There are also huge opportunities for growth.

is a community engagement and strategic planning process designed to create a vision and action plan to make Detroit an equitable, world-class city for our youngest residents and their families.

We’re aligning and strengthening the assets and resources we already have so we can better coordinate a high-quality system that supports all of Detroit’s children and their families.

Hope Starts Here is a unique partnership of

The following teams are the engine of Hope Starts Here’s planning process:

At its core, Hope Starts Here is really a community engagement process to collect and better utilize the knowledge and resources our community has already. Here’s what it looks like:

We want to hear your stories, learn more about your work, and tap into your passion and expertise on behalf of Detroit’s youngest residents.

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